About Bea.

Hi. I’m Bea. This is quite new to me. I decided to start this beauty/makeup blog because I have been gradually using makeup for the past five years now, and for the past eight months I have been more engrossed in it than ever. Two years ago, if you asked me to put on a full face of make-up every day, I would tell you—flat out—”Hell no!” But now I do it willingly, even if I have a tight schedule for that day. And that just says something in itself—I’m hooked!

Please excuse my weird rabbit smile. Haha!

A bit of my personal life would be: I am Filipino. I have Spanish-Filipino blood, hence, my Caucasian skin. I am currently a fifth-year architecture student in Manila, Philippines. I used to play a lot of sports, but ever since I moved to Manila—because I am originally from Cebu—I have become so busy with school and everything else that comes with it: #collegelife.

This is one of the many reasons for my ‘stress’ 

I am excited to see what and how this blog will turn out to be. This blog is meant to inform and guide readers on how to use make-up and beauty. It will show the two sides of make-up and beauty–drugstore and high-end.

I hope I can show my readers my own honest opinion about various beauty products that will make your in-store beauty dilemmas much more bearable. The blog posts will be up twice a week: one on Sunday and one on Thursday 6pm (Pacific daylight time). That means 9am Philippine time.

Keep posted for Sunday! 

I also have a tumblr account wherein I post lots of dainty/hipster/inspirational photos!

Are you excited? Cause I am!



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