Contour and Blush Made Easy

Before I start to explain more about this ‘tutorial’ , I would like to clearly state that I am no makeup artist or trained professional. I get these tips from different video bloggers on Youtube and from my personal experience as well.

I personally don’t think everybody should have the contoured Kim Kardashian face unless you are seen by thousands of people, if not, millions–like TV actors, etc. But if you are just a university student, company intern or a working mom, this might be your cup of tea.

Contour is meant to add emphasis on certain areas of your face to make it look like it has more shape and dimension–like accentuating your jaw line, etc. So here are a few tips on how a busy student like myself puts some shapes and shadows to her face.

Step 1: Concealer

Aside from applying concealer to your blemishes and spots, you can also apply some on your T zone to make you nose seem taller. All you have to do is use your doe foot applicator– the spongy part of your concealer and run it from between the top of your eye brow till the tip of your nose. then put some of the excess on your chin. After such, you may use a damp beauty blender or a concealer brush to set it.

Where to apply concealer: T- Zone

Items Shown in the photo: Maybelline New York Instant age rewind Shade Brightener/Illuminateur

Step 2: Contour or Bronzer

Some people tend to gravitate towards more to contour than to bronzer–or both! From my observation, I notice that darker or tan skinned girls prefer contour. While pale or white skin gravitate to using more bronzer–like myself.

I have learned my lesson with bronzers. I used to always get the shade wrong! I think I have lost count on how many bronzers I got that were to orange for my taste. Personally, orange toned bronzers make a women look much older–not mature but OLDER.

Where to apply contour/bronzer: Below cheek bones

The thing that makes this bronzer such a winner, is that its shade is not to gray toned yet not too orange toned. So it can give you both shade and warmth–double purpose is always good thing! I think The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is best bronzer that I could find–EVER! that doesn’t have too much of orange in it. I love how pale it is that I don’t need to worry with having orange cheeks. Sadly, they don’t sell these in the Philippines since I found it in Sydney, Australia.

Items Shown in the photo: The Body Shop Honey Bronzer Shade 03

Step 3: Blush

If there are 2 make up categories I am obsessed with, it would be foundations and BLUSHES! I love how each blush I own gives you a different kind of “glow”–not the pregnant kind. But yet they can be suitable for many occasions. The only shade of blush that I don’t consider using on my pale face are those really hot pink shaded blushes–BARF! They just make it stand out so much that it doesn’t look natural whatsoever.

Where to apply blush: on or above cheek bones

For pale skinned girls, I feel that peachy toned blushes give a nice natural glow to your cheeks that can serve as a highlighter as well as it can be done everyday. But on a night out in town, a more pink toned blush would be perfect!–but not too pink! Just a shade of pink that you know won’t easily rub off on a night out in town.

Items Shown in the photo: Milani Baked Blush Shade Luminoso

I hope you learned a few things about contour, concealer blush and etcetera! Stay tuned!



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