Wednesday Review | Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

This purchase was actually a mistake. I was supposed to get the pore less version of this–but oh well.

Lets start with the packaging. When you see it at hand, it looks standard. Its packing is the usual

transparent glass like bottle to see the shade clearly. The bottle is square which makes it 10 times

easier–for packing reasons. The cap is sturdy–always good! But the thing that annoys me a bit, is

that there is no pump! It doesn’t look so hygienic pouring out the foundation to you hand for application.

 All photos of this post were taken by Bea Montenegro

The formula does not feel heavy on the skin at all. That is always a big plus to a product–especially

to a foundation. The shade I got was a shade darker for my skin tone but it still worked well with my

because I didn’t have a clear line of two shades on my neck.

Now the quality that makes it or breaks it…The staying power… The staying power of this product isn’t so great. I mean its okay at the beginning but going towards the end of my day–or even by lunch time, my face would get quite oily already–especially on my T Zone. And we clearly know what an oily face needs–some powder.

 All photos of this post were taken by Bea Montenegro

I know I could blame the tropical weather for this but really who has time to powder every 3 hours of

their day?!–NOT ME!

Overall I give this product a 7.5/10 because it is has a majority of good qualities to it but the major

downer is its staying power. This could’ve been a great product. But maybe the poreless version of this would’ve been different story. We’ll see!

Link below just in case you want to pick up these products for yourself!

Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation Classic Ivory 120 • $7.49



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