Brushes Made For You

Before I start this post, I would like the put a disclaimer that I am not bragging what I have. I am simply in forming my readers about makeup and alike. I just sharing knowledge and experiences people.

If you took a look at my make up kit 2 years ago, you would’ve only seen a powder brush, bronzing brush and one eyeshadow brush. But currently, its a whole DIFFERENT story. I am firm believer of good makeup brushes. No matter how expensive your make up is, if your tools to execute are just as important.

Assortment of Brushes: Brands- Sephora, Elf, SportsGirl, Beauty Bar, Bare Minerals and Smashbox


Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Crease Brush, Concealer Brush #57

I haven’t really heard anything bad about Sephora brushes in general. The #57 concealer brush is one of the best i’ve ever had. It blends well, whether you have creamy or thick concealer. The only thing that I dislike about this brush is that its is too LONG! Which makes my heart break because I can’t bring it with me when I travel.

The blue colored brushes actually came in a set of five–I think! They were all eyeshadow brushes. The other three are in Manila. I think that this set was more of a budget version from Sephora because I should tell that the quality was very different compared to the #57 brush.

ELF:  Brow Wand, Eyeshadow Brush

These two pieces are actually part of a set of 15–I know right. The Elf set only cost 12 dollars total–What a deal right? Just when I thought I hit the jackpot, almost all the brushes in that set threw my expectations out the window. All the face brushes were very sharp on my skin that I decided to give them away. Some of the eyeshadow brushes were keepers. But generally, don’t go for the budget Elf sets. Learn from my lesson and get the normal priced Elf brushes.

 Beauty Bar:

Blending Brush

This is actually the best eyeshadow brush I have–and most expensive. The bristles are super soft–I can’t get over it. I just wish these came in a cheaper price so I could get all of them! The grip is good and the color is striking–which makes it  ten times easier to find in my makeup kit. I can’t say too much good things about this brush because I don’t want to make the other brands look bad!–SAD but TRUE


Flawless Face Brush

 This brush came it the Bare Minerals Starter kit which came along with a concealer brush, powder brush and other makeup products. I think this brush is PERFECT for bronzer and blush. It is perfectly tapered at the tip to shade all the possible corners of your face. This is my second flawless face brush because my first one got a little worst for wear–it lasted about more than 2 years! You get a bang for your buck with this brand!


Shade with Fame Eyeshadow Brush

From what I remember, this was the very first eyeshadow brush I bought for myself. I got this in a SportsGirl boutique in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia probably more than 6 years ago–what vivid memory I have. And till his day, this brush is still up and running. I am surprised to still see this brush working well. This is proper OLD SCHOOL.

Real Techniques:

Okay, so my amount of Real Techniques brushes might look a bit excessive. But when you think about it, the quality of these brushes are very good– to me at least. It’s really up there is the quality department, especially with the medium ranged price. These brushes are synthetic which makes it easier to clean, more long lasting and most of all no animal cruelty.

Face Brushes: Left to Right: Contour Brush, Expert Face Brush, Buffing Brush, Powder Brush

  Powder Brush

The powder brush is massive–especially for travel. Although it does what its supposed to do. The powder brush is excellently soft for a synthetic powder brush. This works best when you apply light powder to your face.

  Buffing Brush

The thing I love about the Buffing Brush is that it is dual purpose. It can be used to apply liquid foundation and powder as well. I especially use this after I apply creamy concealer on my under eyes to set it with powder.

Expert Face Brush

This might just be my most used face brush ever. I use this almost everyday to apply my foundation. Its just so handy, small and easy work with. Unfortunately this doesn’t come in those Real Technique sets–Sad face. You have to get this as a single. If I am lazy, I also use this to blend my concealer under my eyes–when my beauty blender seems to be lost.

Contour Brush

I honestly thought I would use this a whole lot when I got this. This would be perfect if I was going for the whole Kim K contoured look like carving all my edges and all. But I don’t exactly have all the time in the world or— a make up artist. But this is still a great brush none the less.

Detail Brushes: Left to Right: Setting Brush, Stippling Brush, Multi Task Brush

Multi Task Brush

This brush was part of the start of my addiction of Real Techniques brushes. This brush’s proportion can be used to put on powder, blush, bronzer and highlight. Basically, this brush can be used for all your powdering needs. Its amazing.

Stippling Brush

 This brush is the newest one to the collection. I only use this for my blush because I like my blush to be really subtle. Can we all take a look at the bristles of this brush??!?! Its so unbelievably perfect. When you using this with blush it just gives you a nice wash color, never too much. I also see people use this when applying foundation. But I yet have to try that.

Setting Brush

I usually use this when I apply concealer, especially under my eyes. It goes so light and soft under my eyes. But I think this works best on not so creamy concealers because this tends to get all grubby if its too wet.

Domed Eyeshadow Brush

Sadly, this is the only Real Techniques eyeshadow brush I own. I still have to get myself the eyeshadow set–I am sure it won’t disappoint. But this brush rather is a great great all arounder especially if you just want to do a simple wash of color with a tad bit of shading in the corners.

Here are some links where you can get them online!

Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman Stippling Brush • SAM. • $9.99

Real techniques setting makeup brush • $8

Real techniques makeup stippling brush • $10

Real techniques makeup expert face brush • $9

Real techniques 3-pc. travel essentials cosmetic brush set • $18

Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman Expert Face Brush • SAM. • $6.79

Real techniques 4-pc. core collection makeup brush set • $18

LAST THING! Don’t forget to wash your brushes every two to three weeks to keep out all that bacteria!



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