Cleansing on A Plane? Yay or Nay?

By the time you will be reading this, I will still be on holiday in Florence, Italy. Traveling over seas may seem like a bed of roses and all. But that is not really the cases. Travelling to beautiful places like Florence require taking long haul flights to Europe that last more than seven hours. And there is nothing glamorous about that.

I know people say not to wear makeup to begin with when going to the airport especially when you are going on a long haul flight. But really, if you are as addicted as I am to makeup, you will find a way to apply makeup and remove it some time during your trip one way or another.

Top Left to Right: Neutrogena Light Night Cream, Cotton Pads, Neutrogena Hand Cream, Origins Check and Balances Cleanser, Burt’s Bee’s Eye Cream, Maybelline Make Up Remover, Soap and Glory Hand Food, Muslin Cloth

You might think…That is a lot of stuff to bring on a flight. You can always decant it and transfer it to smaller containers because some airlines have rules on how many ml you are allowed to carry on to the plane.

Makeup Remover- This is self explanatory. It basically removes your makeup. You don’t need to bring the same size of makeup remover as shown in the photo because you can always decant it.

Here are just some products that can turn your unbearable long haul flights into a semi-spa in the sky…–sort of!

Cotton pads- Well…You can’t remove your makeup with just your hands. This will make your life ten times easier.

Cleanser- When you bring a cleanser on a plane, you have to make sure that it treats dry skin. Somehow the air in the plane makes my seemingly oily skin become dry.

Muslin Cloth- If you aren’t willing to use your hands or the complimentary toilet rolls they have on flights, This might be a better alternatives. These towels aren’t really big. they are smaller than the average hand towels because these are thinner and square shaped.

Night cream- I don’t only use this in flight but at home as well. I started applying night cream a little over a year ago and I have seen significant changes on my face. Neutrogena may be expensive to some but you really have to invest in your skincare because you will only have one face for the rest of your life–unless you have facial surgery.

Eye Cream- I just threw this in the mix because it can be applicable to some people. You might be a little on the rough side with no sleep and all. So maybe this would be the perfect add on to your in plane routine.

Hand Cream:

Neutrogena Hand Cream- this is more for people with dry hands. Sometimes when you have dry hands, your hands peel or get really rough. So this cream I find is very thick is consistency. Its more of a silicon-y feeling because it really is thick. So I recommend this for people who suffer with skin asthma or have basically really dry hands.

Soap and Glory Hand Food- This is more of your standard hand lotion. But i like that this doesn’t make you feel sticky at all and I love how all Soap and Glory products have a citrus scent. So if you love oranges and all things citrus, put this on your drugstore list!


 Don’t forget to put all these in a toiletry or ziploc bag to catch any spillages and what not!

For more questions or inquiry, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at



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