Wednesday Review | Origins Checks and Balances

All photos of this post were taken by Bea Montenegro

I think its pretty much time that I review something non makeup related to mix up this blog a bit. Skincare, it is still within the line of beauty but its more on the behind the scenes–I guess you can call it that way. I have been eying this cleanser for several months now and I finally got my hands on it just recently!  I have heard so many great things from beauty vlogger, Tanya Burr.

As you can see in the photo, The amount that I have been using this product has been quite significant. I usually just leave this in my shower–its more convenient that way. But I tend to use this at the end of my day because I feel that it really does peel all that oily residue at the end of a long work day.

The packaging is standard. No fussy buttons and types of application. But the thing that makes it or breaks it is if the lid leaks… and it doesn’t!

 I only apply about 2-3 pea size amounts on my finger tips and run it under a tiny bit of water then lather it in my palm for a while then I apply it on my face gently.

The cleanser has a minty scent to it but it isn’t over powering–because I get really fussy with strong odors on my face. When cleansing, the product doesn’t get too foamy–which I really like. I honestly really like this cleanser for what it does. I think that this product quality is up there with other well known cleansers in the market.

Link below just in case you want to pick up these products!

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash 1 Oz. • Origins • $9.99

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