Wednesday Review | tarte Amazonian Clay Powder

This is yet another product that I have been waiting to try out since last year and now it is living a happy life in my makeup stash. I first heard about this powder from the well-loved Beauty Blogger, Ingrid Nilsen, aka “missglamorazzi”.

This packaging is standard for loose powders in the market. Although this one is significantly smaller than my Shu Uemura Sheer Powder. This is much easier to pack into your makeup kit. I love how Tarte has this signature wooden packaging exterior. Although some products may not have dominantly wooden packaging–like this product but all Tarte products have a touch of this wood to it.

This powder is actually used in a pair with the Tarte Amazionian Clay Foundation. But there aren’t any rules in makeup. Just do what makes you comfortable.

When you twist open this powder product, you might think that it looks quite dirty in there–show in the photo. But actually, I think its very efficient. The net like material isn’t to tight that doesn’t allow powder to fall back in the main…–Vessel? HAHAHA You get what I mean! All you need to do is just tap it down to fall back in. This is always an issue with loos powders really, that’s why some people prefer powder compacts because its less messy.

Just a heads up, this product is a little bit heavy to begin with. This has its positive and negative effects. I mean if you are a person who likes light makeup, you can just use this as a foundation in itself and forget your liquid foundation. I wouldn’t recommend this if you were going to pair this with a medium to full coverage foundation.

But nevertheless, this Tarte product is a great buy! I give this a 8.5/10. Yup! its up there! This product definitely lived up to my expectations. Smooth, light and long-lasting. What more could you want?

Links below just in case you want to pick up these products yourself!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation in Fair Honey $35.99

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