Beautifully You | Eileen Streegan

This new segment in my blog will highlight the fabulous men and women who ask me to doll them up for their special events and celebrations. I am not really used to putting on makeup, especially on people. But the main thought that I would like stress is that I’m not doing this for any personal gain or the slap on a cake face to get over it. But to highlight their natural beauty and to work with what they already have. Life is so much better when you stay #BeautifullyYou  and see the  #BeautyinYou.

Eileen Streegan

      Yesterday, I had the opportunity to beautify my Aunt, Eileen Streegan. She is a very caring person to everyone in the family and she is also such a great mother to her sons. Among all her sisters, she is known to be the best at keeping her skin and body in check.

        She was going to a big 70th birthday celebration. She already has a great complexion. The look was a mix of makeup from my stash and her’s as well. Some of the brands were Chanel, Laura Mercier, Lorac, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, No 7 and Covergirl.

She asked for something flattering, not too heavy but a look that wouldn’t melt off throughout the party because my Aunt lives to dance.

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