New to Liquid Liner?

Post-it, K-Palette Liquid Liner

  I am definitely not the best person to make your liner look on fleek. But I can tell you what I had to do to compensate. I was born with really bad eyesight. My grade was so bad that I even had to wear a patch on my right eye to force my left eye to work–I know.. Intense. I had to start wearing eyeglasses when I was 5 years old and I looked like a tiny grandmother–not posting any pictures of that! It still horrifies me till this day to see pictures of my granny self. I found it hard to see in my left eye. it was so bad that my vision was just a blur. I couldn’t even read signs clearly with that eye.

Rewind a few years ago, I’d get so jealous seeing my friends apply eyeliner so evenly and well. Since my right eye is in perfect condition, I was well and able to apply line on my left eye but I could never do it vice versa.

But thankfully, I found a trick to help conquer that fleek. I learned this technique from AmeliaLiana’s Youtube channel. A Post It is the answer! I know slapping a post it on your face might make you a little CRAZY. But don’t say NO until you’ve tried it!


 I usually stick it on the edge of my eyelid till the tip of my eyebrow. You can use it one at a time or two at a time–for each eye. Its really up to you. I have found that it makes applying the perfect line so much easier.

With this technique, it allows you to measure how high, thin and thick you want your liner to be. After a few times of using this technique, you will be used to where you apply your liner!

Links to the products mentioned are below!

K-palette 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner WP 01 • $20.96

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