What Taking A “Break” Did For me.

So.. Today’s post will not be my usual beauty review posts giving my honest opinions on the products I use. But I guess you can call this post somewhat uplifting, empowering or –something. I just need to get somethings off my chest, really. So last March 2015, I failed my very first university subject ever in my life. It was Arcdes9, Architectural Design 9, which is the first part of my architectural thesis and I was utterly crushed. It took me weeks to recover from that some what depression, and I would find myself in the middle of the night sobbing because I felt all my future plans were ruined. I think this was the lowest point I have ever been to in life–even worst than failing Geometry twice in High School. People might have a different reaction to failure, but this was how I handled it. After that failure of mine, I decided to go home to Cebu and take a break for a few months–4 months to gather and regroup my ideas–and it really did help me. It allowed me to think of what other aspects in my life that I should improve in. It was sort of a 4-month therapy session–haha. I finally got to spend more time and reconnect with my family, friends, and work on my apprenticeship for a little while. I haven’t gotten to spend that much quality time with my family and friends in the past five or so years because I was too busy with school. 

But the “break” I took was a very productive one. I woke up at 7am to keep the ball rolling. Mornings in were not an exception for me to stay in bed but for me to further improve myself. During those four months, I got to start this very blog (Bea and Beauty), find other topics to focus on for my thesis, and work on my accredited hours for my apprenticeship. (And a cheeky little Europe trip with my mom did help put me in the mood.) I am so lucky to have parents who understood and comforted me during that hard time. All this made me realize that I was very lucky to have such supportive family and friends through success, failure and everything in between. So the whole point of this post (that is completely off-topic from the usual beauty bonanza) is that failure will come at one point in your life. I am accepting my failure and continuing to work on my victory–hopefully. Don’t expect failure to only happen once. Not everything will turn out the way you hoped, Even if you have worked the hardest you have ever done. Life isn’t perfect–neither are any of us. Just make sure that when you get knocked down, you don’t stay there. Instead, rise above and build yourself back up again–even if it takes you a bit of time. If I can, so can you!

Thank you for reading this (out of topic) post of mine! Comment below if you want more posts like this in the future! 


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