Skincare Review | ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

I have very good news! Origins have finally landed in Philippines! Well, just Manila. recently, I have been such a big fan of skincare in general–maybe it comes with age? But I think I have about 5 facial cleansers and scrubs at the moment–yikes! 

I discovered the brand, Origins from Youtuber, Tanya Burr. I have a few of their products in my stash already. But I have never owned a high end facial mask (I’ve had a drugstore one before). This definitely lived up to may expectations of the quality that Origins brings to the market. I got this in SM Makati inside the department store.

So the plug of this specific product intends to:

(from the Sephora website)

” A two-in-one purifying mask and skin refiner that’s formulated with Canadian willowherb, Persian silk tree, and a potent blend of actives to smooth, refine pores, and boost skin’s overall quality. “

This product is definitely loved by many because in all the websites that i’ve read, it has gotten 5 stars in all of them! 

The great thing about this is that, it isn’t made with any Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates, which makes it free from any chemicals that could harm your skin. The lady in the counter also mentioned that its best to do this as a weekly ritual–you can also do it twice a week.

 To apply, you just need a medium sized dollop for a lighter coverage on your skin but you can go a bit thicker.

I’ve used this a few times already. And I can honestly say that I no longer need to go to a spa to have a specific facial because I can just do it at home in my pajamas while watching movies–It’s more comfortable that way. 

 Aside from me being able to do this at home, I also love the rose scent to it. They actually have a whole rose range in the shop. I am currently eyeing the eye creams next!! –I am coming for you!!

On application, I concentrated more on my cheeks rather than my forehead because I felt that I am more prone to acne and redness on my cheeks. I put this on for over 10 minutes and washed it with room temperature water. It isn’t difficult to wash off. I used a damp sponge to remove the mask. After removing the mask, I quickly applied my night cream and eye serum. My face felt instantly lifted and firm after everything. I can’t wait to see the results of this new weekly regimen of mine!

Link to where you can get the product mentioned and its other ranges!

Starting Over™ Age-erasing eye cream with Mimosa • Origins • $41

Original Skin™ Retexturizing mask with Rose Clay • Origins • $25

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb 1 oz (30 ml) • Origins • $39

Original Skin™ Renewal serum with Willowherb • Origins • $39

Rigins Original Skin Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay • Origins • $25

Hope you liked this review!

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