My Favorite Beauty Bloggers

I don’t know why I am doing this beauty blogger appreciation post out of the blue but maybe this is just my little way of saying thank you to these influential ladies–in my make up life.

I just have to put it out there that it was quite tough to pick five of my favorite beauty bloggers because I follow so many! They are all such beautiful people, inside and out. They all give such a happy and lovely aura to my days and nights. And it is safe to say that these ladies are my major beauty purchasing enablers. So mom, you know who to blame!

This is in no particular order!

Tati Westbrook

If you have been eying to buy a product, but you aren’t sure if you should get it or not, you should probably see a HOT or NOT about it on her Youtube Channel. I remember watching her “Make up Graveyard” videos. I have never seen SO MUCH foundations, bronzers, blushes and eyeshadows. Ever. She definitely takes her make up reviews really seriously. She goes down to every detail because she only wants to give you best and the very truth of beauty and skincare products. I personally really enjoy her drugstore dupe videos. She really does her best to find drugstore alternatives from high end lines.

Instagram: glamlifeguru

Twitter: GlamLifeGuru

Youtube: Tati


Not every beauty blogger is a girly girl. Lily to me shows the real side of her in her videos. She is a homegrown Londoner. I especially love her vlogs because she shows so much of her adventures around the city–and London is a beautiful city. Not every beauty blogger is polished or especially groomed. You can really tell that Lily shows the real her because she talks about real girl struggles like hairy arms and frizzy hair –We got the same issues, girl! Another thing I like about Lily is that she is so practical about life. She makes me realize what actually matters most. Family. Friends. Great Experiences. Thanks Lily!

Instagram: Lilypebbles

Twitter: Lilypebbles

Youtube: Lilypebbles


I cannot say enough good things about Anna. She is just so bubbly and real. If you get on with Lily, you will most probably love Anna as well. Anna is from Brighton. She lives with her boyfriend, Mark–Cutie! I think the thing that makes me connect with Anna the most is that she is a huge home body like me. Her personality is so nice. I just wish I could meet her in real life and giggle about our favorite TV shows and compare mental make up notes. The vibes she gives out is that of being with your best friend. Stay real, Anna!

Instagram: Viviannamakeup

Twitter: Viviannamakeup

Youtube: Viviannadoesmakeup


This beautiful creature is hat made me be totally obsessed with beauty on Youtube. I first saw her videos last July 2014 and have been stalking her past and present videos since. I have fallen in love with her tiny family –Aslan, Reggie and Estee. What separated her from other beauty vloggers is that she is a homegrown Canadian living in London. She met her boyfriend, Aslan on Omegle about 6 years ago and they have been loving life together since then–Have faith ladies! It had even come to a point that I got so emotional in her travel blog that I emailed her and thanked her for it because she made me realize how I am so lucky to have what I have. And SHE REPLIED! I will never forget that. I first knew Estee as Essiebutton but recently she has been trying to change her imagine to Estee Lalonde. And I am love seeing the more mature yet goofy side of her and the fam–I love Grandma Mary! I don’t think I can ever unsubscribe. I feel that I am too deep into this Estee Lalonde Youtube friendship– I can’t wait to see more of what you have more up your sleeve, Estee!

Instagram: Estee_lalonde

Twitter: Essiebutton

Youtube: Essiebutton


Most of you might already know her because of her existing make up line, her babe of a husband, Jim Chapman or because of her miniature Dachsund, Martha. Tanya embodies such a sweet, kind and gentle person. She could be anyone’s BFF because she just has a laugh with everyone she hangs out with–seen on her vlogs! Her make up line is currently being sold in Superdrug and Feelunique online. Tanya’s vlogs are my favorite to watch during Vlogmas because you get to see her interesting life day in and day out. You could definitely tell that she is the goofy cute girl in the group because she just wants everyone to have a great time. She also just got hitched–So happy for you, Tan! In the past year, she has shown her businesswoman side, she has released lines of lipglosses, nail varnish, lashes, eyeshadow, eyebrows and most recently, Bronze and highlight palettes. She is definite on her A game. I can’t wait to see her start a family though!

Instagram: TanyaBurr

Twitter: TanyaBurr

Youtube: TanyaBurr

Hope I helped you learn more about these talented ladies from there blogs soonest!

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