Oldie But Goodie | Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Shade 53 and Shade 52

So there is a funny story of why I have 2 shades of this foundation. I was so hyped to buy this foundation at the Priceline by the flat we were staying in Sydney last year. So When I immediately saw the Bourjois counter I just grabbed the first foundation I saw and bolted back home because I was just so freaking excited to try it–thanks to Estee Lalonde! Silly me, got a shade darker for me, which means I can still use it when I am a bit tan. So I had to go back the next day and buy a shade lighter.

This foundation is more of a light to medium coverage. I like how creamy it is in application. Its consistency is versatile when it comes to application because I usually apply it with both, a damp sponge or a buffing brush.

But for the past months, I have been trying other foundations and moisturisers–for blogging purposes! So I temporarily forgot how this product felt like. But it feels oh so good to have this back in my more frequent pile of products for my daily use.

The packaging comes in a glass bottle with a pump!-ALWAYS GOOD! Plus a plastic like cap. This is probably the best drugstore foundation packaging I have ever had because it doesn’t show the grubby-ness of the foundation.

Formula wise, I can honestly say Bourjois does a great job on their foundations and tinted moisturizers–I have yet to try their powder! This product definitely met my expectations. This range gives a mix of both dewy and matte finishes. The consistency isn’t too creamy or liquid but its more of a gel-like texture. I think that it being a gel consistency helps even out the foundation and helps it not make you look like a total cake face.

Bourjois is pretty up there in terms of price for a drugstore product but its definitely worth the purchase! People have GOT to start bringing this in the Philippine market ASAP.

Shade 52 and Shade 53

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