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Pompidou AG, H&M and Ethymology

Pompidou AG is a brand I found while walking around old town Lucerne last June. The shop’s display is what actually caught my eye at first because it was just everything I was looking for– Just look at this shop setting

The teardrop pendant is what stood out the most among the rest, especially with the white crystal. These come in a bunch of colors and sizes. I literally wanted EVERYTHING in the store. Each piece was either simple, dainty, or just so damn pretty. But the main thing that brought me closer to this was the chain! It had little balls on it that had a resemblance to somewhat that of a rosary-like design. 


I am a big fan of multi-stranded necklaces and I am a even bigger fan of H&M. Their accessories are so reasonable in price and with justifiable quality. The blue shark tooth shaped pendant really stood out for me. I wear this usually with a blouse or shirt with a lower neckline to accentuate the 3 layered necklace. 

Even if this piece is already starting to fade, I still love it! (link to necklace: here)


Simplicity is my middle name and this bar necklace portrays just that! I actually bought this on sale at Zalora, practically a steal! (Prices below.) This dainty design makes it so easy to pair with basically anything! I love wearing this with basic tees to class things up a bit or if my top is a tad bit too dressy, I usually pair it with a simple piece of jewelry like this!

Another thing you might notice from these three are that they are all gold plated or have a gold aesthetic. I prefer gold faux jewelry instead of silver. Not that there’s anything wrong with silver, it’s just a personal preference of mine. 🙂


Teardrop Pendant- 69 Swiss Francs

Multilayered Necklace- 5 Euros

Bar Necklace- 150.00 Philippine Pesos

What are your favorite necklace designs? Or what’s your favorite faux jewelry brand?

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