ORIGINS SKIN CARE | One True Pairing?


It has come to my attention that my skin has been in quite good shape for the past months with the occasional hormonal spots–TMI?. Maybe its because of the food I have been eating or it could be the fresh air too. But I also think that this combo worked its magic all over my face.

I only got to appreciate skin care products (i.e. cleansers, scrubs, body butters and etc) recently because I have been noticing change in my skin. Yes, you’ve guessed it. I have noticed that I have freckles and WRINKLES–*cries*. And to add to that, I do, like any normal woman in the tropics become an oily mess from time to time–lets be honest.

Luckily , in the past months, I have found this too good to be true brand, ORIGINS. It is quite up there in the price range, ranging from P1000 and over. But you do get everything you paid for, guaranteed! These are now sold in Manila too, They have a stall in SM Department store in SM Makati.

I think that the Origins Ginzing Facial Scrub and the Checks and Balances make a great pair because they have there specific time of day to be used. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you MUST clean your face twice or more times a day! The Ginzing scrub formula can actually be used both night and day but the lady at ORIGINS told me it would be better to use it in the morning to help de-puff, cleanse all that dead skin and give your skin some much needed vitamin C. While the foaming formula is a more gentle night time cleanser that, with a little bit of water can foam up your face and cleanse all that dirt from your busy day.

Its your lucky day!, I have already made reviews on both products! Links for them are below:

ORIGINS Checks and Balances Foam Cleanser // ORIGINS Ginzing Scrub Cleanser

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