Maybelline Super Stay 7-Day Nail Colour | Why You’ll Love It

Not my nails!

This was my first time to try the Maybelline Super Stay 7-Day Nail Color. I am personally not an avid user of nail polish when it comes to manicures because my insufficient amount of finger nails(Post about it soon!) but I do have pedicures more often!

On application, I thought it was quite sheer on the first coat but then the 2nd coat was just enough. I also like that the color it gave was so solid and bold in a way that it would be really good to use for nail art. Oh yeah, it dries fast too! There is a clear resin formula that makes it long wearing and have gel-like finish.

I wish I got more colors! But I only got to grab the shades Surreal 635 and Mint of Life 615. I would’ve loved to get it in Deep Red and Mauve on too!

I was delightfully surprised to see that the brush was wider and more flat than the usual nail polish brushes. It was easier to manoeuvre while painting my friend’s nails in a sense that I didn’t need to move the brush as much.

What shade would you want to grab in this range?

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