Best of Real Techniques

Real Techniques brushes. Left to Right: Seeting Brush, Buffing Brush, Powder Brush, Multi-task brush.
Real Techniques brushes. Left to Right: Seeting Brush, Buffing Brush, Powder Brush, Multi-task brush.

My love for the brand Real Techniques started when I first bought their Travel Essentials kit mid last year. And ever since then, I just kept collecting other singles and sets. They are the best type of brushes in the market–in my opinion. They were made of synthetic fibers, which made it easy to clean, it dried faster and the brush’s use would last longer. They designed these brushes in a way that the handles correspond to it use–or you can use it how you want to use it. Orange represents base–foundations, setting powders, Pink represents face–bronzer, blush and Purple represents eyes!

Not to mention, their prices are budget friendly that you get the best for the price you pay!

Powder brush— The powder brush doesn’t come in a set. Sadly it can only be bought as a single. What can I say about it? Its big and fluffy! This has to probably be the best powder brush in my collection.

Setting brush– I have seen beauty bloggers and vloggers use this to spread their concealer under their eyes. But I actually use this is set it with a translucent powder to make sure that the concealer doesn’t move around. This is also a single–sad face.

Multi task brush– This is part of the Travel Essentials Kit. It can with an eyeshadow brush and a foundation brush. I really like this for slapping on some bronzer or blush. Its shape is very versatile that it can be used for bronzer, blush and powder.

Buffing Brush– I specifically like this if I need to apply liquid foundation or some sort of powder foundation. Its shape has a flat top. So to apply, you just need to literally buff it on your skin. I also sometimes use this to apply loose powders.

Left to right: Buffing Brush, Multi-task Brush, Powder Brush and Setting Brush.

Real Techniques Wishlist:

Bold Metals Essential Collection // Sculpting Brush // Blush Brush

What are your favorite Real Techniques brush?

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