Soap & Glory | The Righteous Butter


Soap and Glory has done it again! Their makeup line can sometimes be a hit and miss but damn their bath and body line is amazing. They have a whole range of creams, moisturizers and gels to choose from. Good for you that I will be talking about one of their best sellers of all time!

The Righteous Butter is a body butter that is said to be used best after a bath or a shower, which ever it may be. Obviously you’ll still need to dry yourself before slapping this on, but you get the jist! The lotion is made of shea butter and aloe vera. No wonder it is so darn hydrating on my skin!

All you need to do is lather this onto your skin whether it be your arms, legs or in between your toes, it can go anywhere. I usually use this after my night showers. Just because. This has got to be my favorite body butters of all time because of its scent. Like all Soap and Glory skin products, they have this signature citrus pink scent that is just so refreshing.

The best part of why I love this product is that I can still smell the lotion when I wake up the next morning. Now, isn’t that the best feeling ever??


What is your favorite body lotion?

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