Christmas Outfit Ideas


I know this is a bit of a big step for me to write about. Fashion isn’t my forte–neither really is make up. But this might give you great ideas for pulling together any of your Christmas looks.

In my case, Christmas is a bit of a formal event. We are expected to dress a bit formal or equally put together for gatherings and gift exchanges. My personal is not really complicated. I am a self proclaimed basic bitch. I am all for simple prints and timeless designs.

But I do understand that other people celebrate it a different way, wearing Christmas sweaters by a fire with snow fall outside. Ideally, that would be mine too but that would be impossible to do it with all this heat and non-existent snow.

Christmas Eve:

image1xxl (1)

ASOS Lace Crop Top Midi Pencil Dress | Isn’t this such a classic little Black dress? The lace adds an elegant touch to the basic form of the dress. The twist is that the top part is actually a crop top. It still give a bit of a sensual feeling but still keeping a polished a refined look. This dress would be ideal for a lot of occasions too. The way it sort of wraps around your body makes you look slimmer and to add the dress color makes you look like you have shed some pounds!

image1xxl (2)

Vesper 2 in 1 Knee Length Midi Dress with Cap Sleeve | Since Christmas Eve is more of a formal event, I would wear something in this spectrum. More plumy autumn shades would fit great. This dress would work really well with women on the more bustier side. The neckline and the semi ruffle on the top work really well with those forms. And this dress hugs you in all the right places which is always important because comfort is KEY!

Christmas Day:


Greylin Sleeveless Panelled Dress 65 Pounds | This first dress would fit a semi-formal gathering for a day celebration. The print gives a good structure to the body which frames your upper torso and makes you have more body. This would be a bit hard to wear for women with bigger chest sizes because of the constricted opening on the top area. I also really like this dress because its cut is quite loose that you can have a huge meal and not have to worry about your zipper ripping or unbuckling your belt.

image1xxl (3)

ASOS CURVE Textured Wiggle Dress with Wrap Skirt in Watercolour Print | I am in love with this print and I am usually really picky when it comes to prints. The print reminds me of Japanese kimonos. And I always love a conservative cut but still showing some hint of skin. The boat neckline allows your neck to breath just a little bit while giving some room to your collarbones to pop out a bit. When I first saw this, I was like ‘MINE!’

What are your outfit ideas for Christmas?

Send them to me!

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