Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Show Off Mascara | The Review


Did Rimmel do it better?

Rimmel has a whole shelf of different Scandal’Eyes mascaras. I gravitated more to this one, the Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Show Off Mascara because I heard a lot of my favorite beauty bloggers talk about it.

I found the formula of the mascara to be good for short term uses. But when I tried using this for a full day of classes and lectures, it ended up smudging under my eyes and lids. Maybe my sweat(gross) dampened it? Or maybe it isn’t really meant to be long wearing. I am not  even sure if this product is waterproof. Maybe it isn’t after all.

Now for the wand, It was the first time that I saw a wand in that form and shape. And that was what also made me want to try it. The tip was actually meant to help push up and help apply more to the corners of your eye. But I felt that it just made it a bit too messy because the end nib wasn’t exactly small to get into those tiny corners of your eyes.

So in the end, I wouldn’t repurchase this particular product because I am definitely not generalizing the whole Rimmel brand because they do have other great products. Maybe if the end nib was different this would’ve been a hit! Who knows!


What is your favorite Rimmel mascara?

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