On The Go Travel Brushes


We are all aware that the Christmas season is the season of giving but it is also a season where in families go abroad for the holidays. And this post might help those of you who are about to embark on your yuletide vacation.

I know the amount of brushes that I prepared might look a bit excessive to some. But do keep in mind that I used this for a span of about 2 weeks. And I can honestly say that this is a close to perfect representation of my down-sized collection of brushes. I can do about any look that I want which such, especially with the eye makeup.


I honestly don’t believe in just one eyeshadow brush because you need different sizes and shapes to create that signature crease effect–if you know what I mean! These brushes are definitely top shelf quality in my eyes. They do exactly what I want them to do and clean exceptionally well–always great!

IMG_3935 copy

My face brush may look a bit lacking in a way to some people. Its because I am a Beauty Blender/sponge convert. Which means that I don’t use a brush to slather foundation on my face. The brushes above only serve for powders–i.e. bronzer, blush and setting powder.

How do you down size your travel make up brushes?

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One thought on “On The Go Travel Brushes

  1. I have the Real Techniques brushes (got them from a Klout perk about a year ago) and I love them! I’m no beauty expert, but they work so well for my everyday simple looks. I’m definitely lacking in the eyeshadow brush department, though. Maybe Santa will bring me a Sephora gift card this year 😉 xo

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