Let’s Be Real | New Year Resolutions


It has come to a point in the year that some people start to rethink what they have done wrong in the past and think of ways to improve or better themselves.

Resolutions have become a cliche usually at this time of the year. And most of the time, these promises break after a month or even worst, people forget what they promised in the beginning. So maybe these simple steps can help make you the better version of yourself. #BabySteps

  1. Just pick 1 thing to focus on at a time

There would definitely something wrong with you or you must be incredibly lucky to be where you are if you don’t have anything you want to change about yourself or about your surroundings. As for me, I have quite a ton. But the 2 main things are my weight and nail biting.

I constantly get nagged by my mom that I should stop don’t this and that–a list would be too long. But she doesn’t understand how hard it is to try to fix so much aspects of your life at the same time while juggling the stress of classes and life in general.

2. Psych yourself up

A thing I like to do is prepare rewards for myself like a yummy dessert, a trip shopping or to save a smaller pair of jeans for me to try to fit into to help motivate me.

There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.


3. Pick a starting date

These resolutions or annual promises don’t have to start exactly on January 1. It has to start when you are most ready, mentally and physically to avoid any pressure.

It doesn’t need to eve last a year. Just make sure that the challenge will last long enough to improve your life.

4. Anticipate obstacles

Before going into this “journey”, you already have to keep in mind that it will be anything but easy. It would be best to see all these obstacles in your head in advance, think of ideal tactics and learn ways to outwit your alter ego.

5. Make yourself better than you were before

So the main goal of making resolutions is to improve yourself whether mentally or physically. So the goal is to prove to yourself that you are able to do just that. It can be more of a psychological thing too. If you set your heart and mind to it, then you will definitely see results.

pexels-photo-large (1)

6. Reward yourself

After all the hard work you’ve put in. Days and nights at the gym, weekends in the library and what not. you deserve a break or a reward when you’ve reached home stretch. After all your determination and will power you’ve put into your goal, you deserve a something special!!

What are your ways of keeping your resolutions going?

What are your resolutions?

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