My Week in Photos | Forever December

Happy new year to all once again!

Now that the holidays are officially over, it is finally get back to work and restart our routines once again. But first, allow me to share what I did on the last week of December.

So after all the gobbling of Christmas hams and mashed potatoes during different celebratory feasts, another more rare celebration came to light in the rather repetitive holiday party scene, this was my nephew and godson’s baptism. He has just turned 2 months old and it just gives me butterflies to see him grow each time I see him. Welcome to the Christian world, Lonzi!

To some, December is their most favorite month of the year. Well, for me it kind of is. Aside from the usual parties that come with the season, mine is my family’s trip to our favorite place in the north end of the island. Where there lives a a great sunset and gentle ocean breeze. I always look forward to weekends or weekdays in our little paradise with the people I cherish the most, my family.

Right before the new year, we headed back to the city but rather than spending the last hours of 2015 in a loud ballroom with strangers, I spent it with a great view and some of my relatives. It was definitely a lovely start for 2016.

Hope you all had a great holiday!



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