Kiko Contour & Highlight Pencils | The Review


I guess I came late to the party….You might probably think that contouring is SO last year. But it is never too late to try it out!

I have been eyeing to grab the version of the Clinique chubby contouring sticks but they always seemed to be out of stock or didn’t have the set. But when I saw that KIKO Make Up Milano came out with their own version, I was ecstatic! Not only was it in another brand I liked but in a much affordable price.

So lets get into the quality. To start, the packaging is more than what I expected. The design and lettering are so cute but understandable and precise. But the thing I love the most is the rose gold accents—Ugh! So pretty!

IMG_3928 copy

Personally, I find that the bronzer shade is too warm that it doesn’t blend well on me. I apply it below my cheekbone, close to the area where my lady sideburns are. I might be applying too much or blending it wrong, but whenever I blend it, it has a bit of a cloudy consistency.

As for the highlight, I really like it shade wise. But during application, I think that the shine or highlight can still be intensified a bit more.

After having both products on my face for a whole day, I think that this product wasn’t made for users in tropical or more moist climates because the product tends to fade after a few hours.

Although this is a great starter kit for those who are getting to know contouring.

I am so sorry to say though that this isn’t available anymore online. But KIKO Make Up Milano might come out with another version again soon.

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