Sunday Review | Maybelline Color Sensational

Maybelline Color Sensational 135 Make Me Pink and NU37 So Nude

If you are an avid fan of drugstore lipsticks, this might not come as a surprise to you that Maybelline has a great line of lippies in plenty of shades. One of their lines that has just came out is the Color Sensational. This has been on the Watsons’ rack for months now–in the Philippines. They have a bunch of lines within the main line that is Color Sensational. They have nude, bold, creamy, matte and more that I couldn’t remember. But it’s not a surprise that I prefer the nude shades among the rest.

I only got two shades from this huge line because I didn’t see any point if I got one from each kind since I want to buy something that I am sure I will use frequently.

The shades I have are more on the nude side. I find it funny how Make Me Pink has a blue-ish purple-ish undertone to it. I mean it’s a bit pink but the blue is so much stronger. While So Nude is like a bright pink nude. Maybe Maybelline should stick to their number names if they can’t find names appropriate for their makeup…… –just a suggestion!

But overall, the Color Sensational line is a great way to try out shades that can work for you since it is quite cheap. I think in Target, you can get these for 3.50USD. So imagine if you have all the coupons or get it in a sale, you can get for a much cheaper price. And when you find that perfect shades for you, try researching for the high end shades that match it– if you prefer spending 3 times more the same shade.. Some people prefer it.

But really Maybelline does give justice to their prices. It is definitely one of the better brands in the drugstore, not just for lipstick but it their other ranges as well.

Maybelline Color Sensational NU37 So Nude and 135 Make Me Pink
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