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In the photo: LORAC Pro To Go

This is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me (makeup related obviously).

If someone asked me what product they should buy that doesn’t take too much space, this would be the perfect product for a person on the go because it hits 3 birds with 1 stone.

First off, the packaging is just so practical. It opens on both sides, one side for the eye shadows and he other for the blushes and bronzer. This is my first time to see a product of this kind. The finish of the packaging all over is matte. But after about 10 moths of travelling with me and all, it is a bit scratched up but appearances don’t matter to me. The inside matters the most. *wink *wink

Starting Top Left: Pearl, Chai, Mink, Shell, Cafe and Black


Pearl– This shade is best used to highlight your eyebrow arch. I don’t usually use this for a base shade before I go full on eye shadow because its too glittery. This is also really good to apply in the inner corner of your eye just to brighten it up!

Chai– This is more of a glittery brown or bronze. I don’t always use this color because I find it really pigmented during the day. But when I do use this, I use it on the center half of my eye lid just to make my eyes look wider and more made up.

Mink– Same for this shade. I don’t usually use this because I find it too pigmented. And its too dark for an everyday shade for light skinned people like me honestly. Maybe if I have a more formal event to go to, I would pop this in my outer corner to give it some shading.

Shell– This is the best matte base color for your eyelids. HANDS. DOWN. Its neutral and practically matches everyone. Well almost.

Cafe– This is my favorite shade in LIFE. This among other taupey browns in the LORAC Pro Palette as well. I usually use this on my crease line or just to make my eyes look more deep set. Some more shadow never hurt nobody.

Black– Very self explanatory. Its a matte black no shimmer what so ever. I never use this as eye shadow at all because I think I would look like I have a black eye! But I do use this sometimes as a black liner for my eyelid. This can also be a cheaper alternative for those pen liquid liners. Just spray some water to your pointed brush then wing away!!

Starting left: Coral, Pink, Bronze


Coral- I really adore this shade of pink because its so shimmery and pretty and it always makes me happy when I wear it.

Pink- I really really really don’t like this shade of pink. I think its too bright and candy pop like. I hate wearing blushes that look too obvious. If ya know what I mean!

Bronze- I hardly ever use this because it really isn’t my bronzer color. But when I do feel a little wild, I use this to contour my nose and cheeks. But on rare occasions.

 But overall, I absolutely love this product. I woudl tell any beauty lover go to Sephora to grab one from themselves because this is a great find and saves you a lot of money!

 Links below just in case you want to pick up these products yourself!

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