The Review | Bobbi Brown Warm Eye Palette

 Bobbi Brown Warm Eye Palette

 I can honestly admit that this palette is not in everyone’s budget. This palette was especially expensive because this is a high end brand. I got this palette as a present for myself for doing a great job in school last year.

 The packaging of this palette looks really regal. It seems like it has a rustic brown pearl like finish on the top lined with a gold frames around it. The design of the packaging was what caught my attention initially because it looked like a really well bred and put together would use this– because that is who I am! I’m kidding. But the packaging is really pretty!

Shades L-R: Bone, Champagne Quartz, Malted, Gold, Sable and Espresso.

 I decided to pick up this palette aside from the other great palettes that Bobbi Brown have because this one can go from day to night. They have all the basic mattes you need to create a neutral eye look while adding a bit of sparkle in the inner corners of your eyelids. AND its also has a huge mirror inside as well. What is an eyeshadow palette without a mirror?!–just eyeshadow!
 Bone- would make a great base eyelid shade to hide veiny eyelids because its shade is more neutral and subtle. You can also apply this below your eyebrow arch to brighten it up to make it seem higher.

Chamgpagne Quartz- is a shimmer shade. But the shimmer would work better if you were to use it during the day. The shimmer shade is leaning more on the pink-ish shade of things.

Malted- is a gray toned shadow. This can be put on the crease to add a little shadow to make your eyes a bit more deep set. But if you fancy a darker base on your eyelid then this would be good.

Gold- This is self explanatory. It is gold! you can apply this on your bottom lid to make it SHINE! As wel as the inner corner to brighten up your eyes and to make you look awake. Although sometimes the shadow doesn’t stick ass much to the brush. It will require more then one sweep from the brush. But it’ll be better if you could spray some fix plus to make it apply better.

Sable- would be perfect to add some serious shadow to your crease. This would be perfect if you could pair it with some Gold and Malted for an evening look.

Espresso- is a matte black. Every palette I have always has a matte black in it. I don’t usually use it but when I do, I use it to add a winged liner.

If you aren’t a fan of super intense and pigmented shadows then I guess this would be the perfect palette for you! Because these are significantly less pigmented shadows compared to LORAC and Urban Decay. But they are definitely build-able to a more intense color. This would be  a great palette for people who are new to makeup and enjoy using high end brands.

 I give this product a 7.5/10 because it is compact and very basic. Although I prefer better pigmentation from a shadow. But this may vary for different people. I still adore Bobbi Brown.

Link below just in case you want to pick up these products!

Bobbi Brown Cool Nudes Set – Bloomingdale’s Exclusive • $80 

Bobbi Brown LIMITED EDITION Cool Eye Palette • $48.50



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