Bite Beauty hits the spot, AGAIN! | Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils

Left to Right: Chablis and Rhubarb

Bite Beauty has definitely made a name for themselves in the beauty world. Although they aren’t really in everyone’s budget because they are quite pricey–link below! But it won’t hurt to have that one pricey or high end lipstick in your stash–girl needs options!

 So the Lip Pencil to the left is Chablis. Chablis is more on the brighter red side. There is a orange undertone to it but somehow it doesn’t make my teeth look as yellow–because orange toned lipsticks do that. Sometimes orange toned lip colors look too bright or it would seem that you are trying to catch someone’s attention. But Chablis is a very subtle color. Yes, it is ‘High Pigment’, but that just means that what you see in the pencil is what you get on your lip–But in some brands, its not the case.

Rhubarb on the other hand is a more of a darker red. I guess I can compare this to Soar from MAC–Kylie Jenner uses this to line her lips. You can “try” to get Soar but it keeps selling out because of damn Kylie Jenner.

 The staying powder of this product is alright. I mean it stays for quite awhile. But after a meal don’t expect it to still be perfectly there. You might just see a medium tint on your lips unless you had a feast then you might not see anything at all–HAHA!
 This type of product by Bite Beauty isn’t really the best when it comes to transferring. By transferring, I mean its when you kiss someone or something as seeing if your lipstick ‘transferred’. This lip pencil definitely does transfer. But the quality of this product that I like, is that it has a bit of a scent to it. You might think why would I like to have a scent to on my lips??! The scent is not over powering. its more of a comforting scent like strawberry mixed nice smelling things–I hope i’m right.

So over all I give this lip pencil a 8/10 because its a great lip product but it does transfer and the staying power isn’t amazing. But the product does look great on!

Shades: Rhubard and Chablis

Link below just in case you want to pick up these products! 

(I couldn’t find the exact pencils but these are quite similar too!)

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