Sunday Review | Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick

Lipsticks play a big part in a woman’s life. They can project a woman’s mood for the day or for the event. Lipsticks play such a big part in life as it is that some women go through them like crayons–because some of them sort of are. When boys look for the longest lasting musk scent for their body, women look for the longest lasting lipstick–for their face.

When I used to watch beauty vlogs on Youtube–still do, I used to drool about these lipsticks. They looks so comfortable to wear and they seemed to apply really well. So when I traveled to Sydney, Australia, I literally dropped my bags in the apartment and went straight to the drug store–True story. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipstick exceeded my expectations. Its matte and quite creamy in the application.

All photos of this post were taken by Bea Montenegro

 First, the packaging is easy and secure. The color is bright enough to find it easily in your makeup bag. Lid is secure. The packaging basically ticked all the boxes in the packing qualities. And the Kate Moss writing just made it have a more eye-catching look.

I think the consistency of this line is exceptionally good for its reasonable price–350 php, 9.99AUD. This lipstick is labelled to have a matte finish. Usually matte finish lipsticks are extremely drying. Sometimes they even make your lips dry so much that it peels!–GROSS! There is a bit of dryness but  it is very bearable .

 Left to Right: 103, 107

All photos of this post were taken by Bea Montenegro

The shades I have are 103 and 107. 103 is much lighter than 107. It has a pink tone to it but not too eye catching that it makes it look too dressy which makes it perfect for an everyday color. But the characteristic that realy sold me on it was that its undertone wasn’t orange–because orange undertones make your teeth look more yellow.

I have always been looking for a darker red lipstick. The 107 was the first one that I have ever bought because I didn’t want to hit the bank on my first ever statement dark lip. So I decided to give this a try just because it was reasonably within my budget and it exceeded my expectations. Don’t expect it to still be in tip top shape after you meet some squid ink pasta. But just expect that you have to retouch a bit. I’d rather do that than have peeling lips–honestly. Rimmel did an ACE job!

Links below just in case you want to pick up these products!

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick • $4.99


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