Inspiring Instagram Accounts To Follow

 Instagram is a great social media platform to express your interests and share your unique story. I also think that Instagram really does help create traffic for my blog and other platforms with the use of using hashtags and tagging brands on featured photos.

Today I share with you my favorite Instagram accounts across the interweb! As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of architectural design, beauty and travel. Following these incredibly talented people and successful brands encourage me to push the envelope in the jobs I do. I hope these individuals give you all kinds of wanderlust, make you dream a little bigger and inspire you to create your own story as they’ve done for me.



mrbenbrown //nickmillerza //stevebooker

These 3 men are actually really good friends. Ben and Steve are Youtubers(Ben / Steve) and vloggers. Nick is a Photographer and app creator of Storie!

nodestinations //cerealmag

Nodestinations is a story of a couple who dropped everything, work and home in San Francisco, all to travel the world. CerealMag is a travel and style magazine. I love their aesthetic! Its so neat!


garypeppergirl //songofstyle //cassiemasangkay

Cassiemasangaky is a Youtuber on ToThe9s with her friend Richie from Vancouver, Canada. Aimee of SongofStyle is an established fashion and interiors blogger who travels the world and what not. She is also part of the Forbes list on 30 under 30! Nicole of GaryPepperGirl was one of the very first fashion Instagrammers I have ever followed. Her photos are so well photographed and the places she travels to are just so beautiful!


makeupsessions //esteelauder //toofaced

Its one thing to have so much make up but its another to photograph it with such finesse! Makeupsessions does their products justice! Estee Lauder and Too Faced are one of my favorite brands who have really good Instagram feeds!


haydesign //baileynelson_au //appointedco

I am a huge fan of HAY a furniture and accessory shop from Denmark. Their designs are so clean cut and refined. Dreaming of visiting their shop in the future! Bailey Nelson is a store that sells eyewear. I really like their classic shapes and their sunnies. I promised myself that I would get a pair when I visit Australia this year. Appointed Co. posts more about office workspace design that push an individual to be more creative. They have lots of organisational tips too!

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