Highlights of Ubud

The difference of this post from the Bali Photo Diary blog post I put up previously is that this will be more in depth. And I will also sharing more of my personal experiences that I did not put in the previous post.

After visiting this part of Indonesia, Ubud is definitely in the list of one of my favorite holiday destinations!

  1. Teba Sari Coffee Plantation


Personally, I am quite a big fan of coffee. Although I am no coffee connoisseur nor am I the type of coffee drinker who like sit long and black. But I do enjoy trying various brews and flavors. Teba Sari is a bali based coffee and tea company. They also grow a bunch of other spices like cumin, cacao and vanilla. They were kind enough to let us try their many tea and coffee flavors available to help choose our favorite one! Mine was the Bali Mocca!


Indonesia as a whole is also known for their uniquely strong coffee blends. But one thing that separates their coffee from other producers is that they have a blend of Luwak coffee, which is literally cat shit coffee. I know… It sounds disgusting. But really it ain’t that bad! I think it actually tasted better that the original Bali Coffee!


2. Pura Ulun Danu Batur

Upon visiting this temple, our guide/driver Ari told us that this temple commemorates the unity of the 3 more dominant religions in Bali which are Hindu, Buddhist and Islam. 


From what I remember Ari telling us, this sort of “gateway” symbolizes the entry of all visitors and spirits to the holy temple. This separates the real world from the holy space. 


This temple is also known to be the floating temple. Well… It isn’t actually floating. But it is surrounded by water. This temple is located in a huge lake. Like I mean HUGE! Lake Como huge! And it was beautiful!


2. Danau Tambligan and Danau Buyan 

These lakes are also known as the twin lakes. They are located on top of the highest mountain in Bali.


Our guide brought us to a ledge where we could take a photo of both lakes. There have been a few times that I have felt like I was on top of the world, and this was one of them. The weather was misty and fresh, free from pollution. I could imagine what it would feel like to just scream at the top of my lungs–Too bad I didn’t!


4. Tegenungan Waterfall

I am not much of an adventure junky. My friends and family surely don’t expect to find me climbing mountains and scaling waterfalls in my spare time. But when I found out that we were going to a waterfall, I was kind of excited! Of course typical Bea didn’t research the only way to get to the falls was climbing up and down the treacherous stairs that was almost 25 storeys long. fml. But the view was worth it and so were the cute Australian meat at the bottom. 


5. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

When planning the trip together with my friends, I read a few reviews on the Monkey Forest and they weren’t all so great. Now based on my experience I can definitely affirm that but I still think that you have to see it. Where else do you see monkeys just running wild and free? Also, the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful really! I felt like Jane from Tarzan.


This “sanctuary” had trees that were over 150 years old. The landscape really wowed me on its beauty. It was so lovely!!! Don’t forget to look up!


6. Dasa Vayu Palm Reading and Spiritual Cleansing

I have always wanted to try to have my palm read but never had the chance to by an actual ‘professional’. The setting was actually pretty relaxed and earthy. It was in a quiet Balinese hill town and beside holy river where people get ‘purified’.It was your typical outdoorsy setting. I like to add the ‘.’ because I am Catholic, so I am not really supposed to believe in these things but this is all based on curiosity. 


So before I got my palm read by the hindu priest, I was asked to write my whole name on his notebook and after doing his what looked like ‘math’ on my name, he proceeded with checking the energy on my hands. I didn’t expect anything really that serious. I just imagined him telling me what I am like, what I will be or what things to expect. But he did that and more… 


I won’t say exactly what he told me because I prefer to keep it private. But all I will say is that I was pretty alarmed with what he told me about my future. So much that I even teared up with the thought that it might be true that I felt like I had to fix it through his Hindi purifying or curing techniques. And if I don’t, it’ll be ringing in my head all day.

So the only way to ‘cure’ this energy was through the ultimate and highest from of purification–because my bad energy was THAT bad. Basically he let me swim in a holy river to sort of cleanse me from all my current and future troubles. I don’t want to make this too long but I will say that this whole purification thing in the river experience was one of a kind. He told me that the ritual would make me restart my life and relieve me of all my bad energy. But honestly, no regrets! I am not worried about that aspect of my life anymore since he ‘fixed’ it.


I hope this information was useful for any of you who are planning a trip to Bali!

**All photos were taken with a Sony A6000**

Bali video on VIMEO

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