LA Colors Lipstick | First Impressions

IMG_5967 copy

I don’t want to be a debbie downer but I just got to say that these LA Colors Matte Lipsticks aren’t the best drugstore lipsticks out there that I have tried. This was my very first time trying the LA Colors brand and it was well, alright. I got a really good deal for these four shades during a sale on beautymnl during their LIP year sale.

I know it sounds kind of crazy to hoard 4 lipsticks at one time but trust me it came out really cheap in the end. So the main reason why I snatched so many of these was because I was actually because I was searching for the best drugstore bright red lipstick and sadly, I did not find it in this purchase *sad face*.

I honestly had high hopes for the two reds that I picked up, Matte Cranberry Red and Jazzy Red, because it looked so red on the tube. But much to my disappointment, they turned out really sheer and not even RED! It had more of a pink-purple tone. Although it was still a good shade but it really wasn’t what I was looking for.

The shade petal is a nice light nude that wasn’t on the pink side. While for me, the shade Matte Brown Sugar was the winner of the batch, which I wasn’t really expecting. It is a really rich brown shade. I can imagine me sporting this with a top bun and huge sunnies-typical!

The packaging was nothing special, really. Well, for the price, I shouldn’t be complaining. I find though that the product smells like clay and kind of chemical. 

Final Thoughts? Well, I do admire this brand for catering to the more budget end of the makeup spectrum, but I wouldn’t want to wear this on a daily basis because it might dry out my lips in the long run. So was it generally worth the price? Yup.

IMG_5955 (1)
(L-R) Matte Brown Sugar, Petal, Matte Cranberry Red and Jazzy Red

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4 thoughts on “LA Colors Lipstick | First Impressions

  1. If you want the best drugstore lipsticks, go for maybeline! They’re ultra pigmented and opaque and super comfortable! Although It’s not lasting though but still a must try! 😆


      1. Because maybeline lipsticks have great pigment and comfortable but aren’t long lasting. I recently got colourpop lippie stix and will be reviewing that soon! 😍😍😍


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