Wet N’ Wild Lipsticks | First Impressions


Wet N’ Wild lipsticks are notoriously known to be very budget friendly, great quality and available in many colors. Did this bunch live up to all that hype?

I got these Wet N’ Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks as a set through a LIP Year Sale on BeautyMNL.com last February as I was searching for the perfect bright red lipstick as one does. This set of three come from the Silk Finish Collection. And it is pretty silky all right!

I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the Berry Frost shade because light pink hues aren’t really my cup of tea. But the other two were definitely my taste. Lets just say that these two shades, Hot Red and Just Garnet felt like it costed more that just P45.00($0.99).

Skipping the Berry Frost shade, the shade Hot Red was definitely one of the better reds of my purchase. It wasn’t too sheer or opaque. For the record, it was just right! As for the shade Just Garnet, I really liked this one because of its mauve-y grape shade. It reminds me of a less intense Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 107, which I don’t mind collecting more of.

As for the packaging, just your standard, nothing innovative or flashy. Just the usual drugstore see through plastic cap. But the characteristic-scientific word! that differs this from the my previous review on another drugstore lipstick was that it didn’t have any strong clay smell to it, which made it much more bearable to wear.

Final Thoughts? Wet n’ Wild does a great job of providing products on the cheaper end of the spectrum without discounting so much on quality. 

(L-R) Light Berry Frost, Hot Red and Just Garnet

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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