Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K Review


I know the Kylie Lip Kit has been hyped around and about enormously through her social media accounts and through other blogger and vloggers out there. But I just had to try it to see for myself. I was quite intrigued with the said effects by other testers. Although the idea of liquid lipsticks are nothing new to the market, thousands, maybe millions of people flocked to Kylie’s website to order her lip kits. Crazy!

I would just like to put it out there that I didn’t buy all the shades in her line because I am just a broke *ass* student who lives on her allowance and freelance pay #basic #truthtalk.

So I picked this shade up, Dolce K, with not much expectations really. I just knew it was kinda brown because I actually really wanted Candy K but the reseller ran out!


Here it goes… The application of the lip liner was good. It was creamy and true to color. And for the liquid lipstick, it had a good application. The applicator wasn’t too long or short. It just just enough to have a steady grip and control on the wand.

So I already knew that the shade I got was going to be brown. But I was scared that my shade would be too much of a warm brown and that it wouldn’t suit me well. But I think it was OKAY on me. Well, on my fair skin, it looks a little dressy like I could wear it to a classy function! But when I let my more tan friends try it, it looked like a great nude! So I think this shade can really vary depending on its user.

But formula wise, it did not feel tacky or sticky. After about a minute or less, the liquid lipstick completely dried and set.


Okay, so how does it wear during the day?

But at one setting, I applied it then in about an hour, I was eating lunch out. I forgot what I ordered but it was something oily. And I noticed that I had a VERY noticeable line in my inner part of lip. It was so obvious!!! I was quite embarrassed to talk to anyone after since it had come of and of course, I didn’t bring it with me to touch up because I thought it was completely budge proof–apparently NOT!.

Second setting, I was a bit more wise this time. I wore this after I had lunch then I went out to work on my projects. It lasted for about a total of 6 hours then it faded a bit after I had a Japanese dinner but not as bad as the first time.

So final thoughts?…

It is definitely an A+ for the formula, packaging and wearability. But I think people over hype this product so much that the future testers/users expect TOO MUCH from it. I think people think that Candy K or Koko K lasts longer than the rest but I really think they just say that because their lips have a closer shade to the liquid lipstick thats why they ‘think’ it stays longer.

I think that there are other brands of liquid lipsticks available in the market that are of the same caliber as this product. So it is really up to you if you want to spend your $$$.


On Application:


**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Sephora, US Drugstore HAUL and First Impressions VIDEO

Bali video on VIMEO

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