Pixi Brow Duo | The Review


I feel as if I am betraying ABH right now, Pixi has totally stolen my heart recently, with their Natural Brow Duo. I literally use it everyday, even when I am on the go, I just throw this in my bag. Its reliable and realistic. Realistic in a sense that it does the job quick and well. No fuss needed.

It has a crayon like applicator that is kind of thick ended compared to the ABH Brow Wiz if you are so used to that–I was! But the direct pigment of the Brow Duo isn’t that intense so it is kind of hard to make a mistake in applying your brows. Especially because I don’t really like to over draw or detail my brows so much–most of the time!


So one end is the crayon, while the other end has a gel wand. This is the very first eyebrow product that I have tried that has a gel wand and I got to say… I don’t hate it! It definitely serves its purpose and it isn’t just another useless step in applying your makeup. The gel sets the brows for a whole day of application.

So should you buy this? Of course you should! This retails for almost P700.00/philippine pesos, which is mid range price of something drugstore and high end but with such good quality. I can assure you that there will be no disappointment!

With light application. Please excuse my under eye wrinkles and makeup-less face.


Hope you liked this review!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Everyday Makeup Look Video

Bali video on VIMEO

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