The Next Chapter | I GRADUATED!


Last Saturday, June 26, you can probably tell(from the title of this post& my IG account) that I hit a major milestone in my life, I graduated! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from a Lasallian school in Manila, Philippines. I am still on a graduation high(writing this June 27 while waiting for my flight)that literally nothing can bring me down(not even a 3-hour wait at the airport). 

I am just so thankful to have had a good group of friends who did everything to push each other to do our very best in Uni, to share secrets to, to celebrate successes with and to crying to each other for whatever reason. But I am equally thankful for my professors and mentors for guiding me through my early stages of architecture school till the very end. But more importantly, I am most thankful for my parents for funding my education(because architecture school ain’t cheap) and for allowing to follow my dreams.


I am currently doing freelance architectural work for residential homes in the meantime, while working a bit more on my blog and trying out Youtube since I plan to stay home for a few months since I have been away for 5 years(I really missed my bedroom). But Architecture will ALWAYS be my first love and I can’t wait to see where this massive lump of love will take me. Up and up!

** All photos and videos were taken using the Sony A6000 **

My Best Friend Does My Makeup Video

Sephora & US Drugstore HAUL and First Impressions

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