June Favorites


I can’t believe it has already been half of the year! This is so crazy! Time flies too fast that I am starting to get worried(scared of ageing). But this time of the month definitely reminds us that there are good things in this world worth looking forward to/enjoying.

Since I have been recently trying to watch what I am eating and exercising a whole lot more than before(I hardly did before). I have also been more careful in reading food labels and eating food that isn’t processed. This month has got me hooked on my cousin’s homemade granola. It is a mixture of oats, almonds, sesame seeds, honey, flax seeds and quinoa. I find it to be the perfect snack in the middle of the afternoon rather than having a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cake(but I would love that slice of cake). Here is a similar recipe!

I went to my dermatologist recently and she told me that my skin is too dry(??) because of all the face oils I have been using. I couldn’t believe it! So she let me try the SebaMed Cleansing Foam and I have been using it day in and day out everyday for over 2 weeks. And its already half empty! I can feel that this cleanser is really trying to normalize my skin.

DSC02901COkay, so its no secret that I use sunblock everyday even if I am not going under the sun. But I recently switched my daily sunblock to the Cetaphil Daylong SPF 30 Sun & Snow(doesn’t snow where I am from) and its pretty great! It doesn’t make my face oily as my day passes because it is a gel formula. So it makes a nice base for my makeup!

I’ve had this notebook for a pretty long time now but I never got myself to using it for Uni, maybe its because it was an expensive notebook and I was scared to ruin it in class(probably true). But since I have been working freelance and blogging, I have been jotting down all my ideas, sketches and plan on my Moleskine Classic Hard Sketch Book. I like it because it has blank pages so it allows my ideas to be less restricted, plus it is waaaay easier to sketch without those darn lines anyway.

Since this is indeed a beauty blog, I have been absolutely loving the Colourpop Satin Liquid Lipstick in Echo Park. I also made a review about the Colourpop products I got, link HERE! But I do love this shade so much because it is a light peachy nude that doesn’t make my teeth yellow(WIN!), plus I wore this one day during an errand day and I got a lot of compliments from random people about it!(feelz good!) The last one is going to sound redundant, but yes, the Pixi by Petra Natural Brow Duo is still my bae. If you want to see a full review on this, link HERE!

** All photos and videos were taken using the Sony A6000 **

My Best Friend Does My Makeup Video

No Mirror Makeup Challenge Video

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