Sephora Philippines | SALE!


I know, I am addicted to makeup. That’s no secret. But can you imagine how I felt when I heard Sephora(Sephora Philippines) is coming to the Philippines?! I could’ve cried my eyes out. No more padala(means asking someone to buy for you) from abroad and no more depressing online shopping! Although they don’t have the complete selection of makeup compared to the US Sephora’s, but nevertheless, they still have a great selection to choose from. From what I heard, all their products/ orders are delivered from their main umbrella operation in Asia, Singapore. Not exactly a stone throw away from your home but close enough!

Just to give you an idea of how long their shipping took, I ordered this around 10pm on a Monday night and this arrive Thursday morning, before noon. I think that is pretty fast and efficient, especially that it is coming from abroad. And comparing this to other makeup retail sites like MUPStore, Sephora’s prices are more reasonable and justifiable.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. I have been eyeing to get this for the past few weeks because I’ve been wanting to pair this with my graduation makeup look(my IG account if you wanna see my grad pics!). The Benefit High Beam, I found would be a grate highlighter for girls/boys that are more on the fair side. It is a pink-silver highlighter that comes in a nail polish type packaging, efficient. I like it.

I finally have something from NudeStix! It has been a long time coming and my first Nudestix product is the Lip and Cheek Dual Pencil in the shades Mystic and Whisper. I choose these shades because I found that they were more of a nude and casual shade, which is always a win for me.


We all know how amazing the Sigma Beauty brushes are. And its no secret that they work exceptionally well too. I got the F15 Duo Fibre Blush/Face Brush on sale! I know this brand isn’t the cheapest but it isn’t so high priced as well. But I know for sure that it is great quality.

These past months I have been loving using lip liners and collecting them too but I guess I didn’t have enough? I just wanted to try out the Too Faced Perfect Lips Lipliner in Perfect Spice, just because :). Its a nude lipliner but more on the dark-mauvy side. We’ll see how this turns out!

Sephora sneakily gave me a sample size of the new Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in Medium. And to think that this  hasn’t even hit Benefit stores in the PH yet. Thanks Sephora!

**All photos were taken on a Sony A6000**

No Mirror Makeup Challenge Video

Concealing Redness & Dark Circles Video

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