My Skin Story | Skin Care & Scarring


So this is me. Baring it all, well, not exactly. But you get the gist. This is me with ZERO makeup on and clothed with some cozy flatwear. So the purpose of this post is to give you a little back story about my skin and what has happened to it through the course of my life.


As a child, I was known as the palest or whitest of the bunch. I was a pretty fair kid at that. But that didn’t stop my parents from allowing me to run around the garden and play under 165787_10150101810881985_3426016_nthe sun. As I entered pre-teenhood, I was really into outdoor sports and activities like baseball, golf and soccer(football as some of you may call it). And as entered into the more legit years of my teenage life, I was a full pledged soccer player(right defense, if that matters) that I played it almost everyday, during lunch breaks, dismissal and free periods. So much so that my teammates and I would play till there was no sunlight at all. So I played soccer for a solid 7 years till I entered university then I continued to play for another 2 years, though I played futsal(indoor soccer). 

And to add to that, I was such a huge beach bum as a kid that I experienced 2 heat strokes, which I regret so much that I properly cover myself when I go to the beach now on. 

Basically those years of being under the sun really took a toll on my skin, I never reallyDSC02702C wore/used sunscreen, moisturizer, facial wash and night cream. I thought then that using those types of product were a wash of money and time, and now I realized that boy I was so stupid to think that! 

With all that, heat and activity, I developed wrinkly and medium-sized freckles on my under eyes, a growing distributing of freckles around my face and countless freckles on my back and arms. Aside from that, I have a few warts(I know, gross) and skintags on my face, neck and body that regularly pop out. But I just got a bunch of them painlessly removed(sort of) recently. I guess this is what I get for being fair and loving the sun at the same time, I am more prone to these skin imperfections(I wouldn’t call them diseases).


But now, I am taking full control of treating my face with the help of my dermatologist and my mom(for buying me my skin care products, love u mom). In the morning, I use a foaming facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer and some sunscreen with a 30SPF to it. And in the evening, I use a make up remover, another facial cleanser to wash out all the unwanted oils and dirt from the day, toner, night cream and eye cream. But as of right now, I use this Adapalene oilment instead of my night creams because my dermatologist told me that my face is a bit on the dry side(boo).

So you can say I learned to take good care of my skin the hard way. But #NoRegrets because all of moments under the sun were totally worth it whether it being on the beach or in a football pitch. Those were the days!

Comment below if you want to know a more detailed walk through of the current products I use to maintain my skin!

**All photos were taken on a Sony A6000**

No Mirror Makeup Challenge Video

Concealing Redness & Dark Circles Video

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