How I Plan My Week & Schedule


I am a self-proclaimed neat freak and worrier. I prefer to have my days planned and booked ahead of time to avoid any last minute changes or confusion. I know, me being like this can cause a bit of a stir or to some it might be a bit too much to much. But honestly, I just prefer order in my day to day schedule and thoughts. 

Recently, I have been on a massive health train. I have been exercising a whole lot(than before) and been eating a preferred diet. With being on the health train, I make it a point to spend 2 hours of my day 5-6 times a week exercising or just doing something that makes me sweat. I prefer to do all that sweaty stuff in the mornings to get on with my day at ease. 

With all those hours of exercise, I try my best to make the workouts vary. My classes range from Cardio Fitness, Step Aerobics, Crossfit, Latin Dance, Zumba and TRX training. And I usually do this at around 8-11am in the morning.


In the afternoons, I work on my freelance design projects. And if I don’t have anything scheduled, I do some work on my blog like write a blog post, film a video or plan out my next posts. 

But I do make it a point never to over work myself. I try to stop working on my freelance work at 7pm and my blog stuff by 10pm to avoid any stress or over thinking. Although I do enjoy a little peruse on my BLOGLOVIN’ Blogroll till an ungodly hour. 😉

To do all this, I use the App that is Google Calendar on all my devices so I can schedule anything at anytime of the day. I use this on all of my Apple devices but I am pretty sure that they have this on GooglePlay. This really helps me remember and organize what I need to do for the week. Its like my virtual secretary, almost!

99% Drugstore Makeup Tutorial Video

Disappointing Makeup Video

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