Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil | Try-On & Review


I have been dreaming of purchasing something from the Nudestix brand since late 2014, when I started to watch a ton of makeup videos o Youtube. First I thought, why are all their products in stick/pencil form? and why are they in tins? Their brand concept is more of a minimalist makeup approach/style, whether it be in size, form or quantity.

I got the Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in the shades Mystic and Whisper. They are intended to be used for your lips as lipstick and cheeks as blush. They have a bunch of other shades that come with this type of packaging but I felt that this was more of a shade that suits me best.

And of course, I got shades that were somewhat nude. (WHAT’S NEW?) But I was just being practical, as always.

The shade Whisper was a bit (too) nude, but I still liked it. Its something I could wear for a more casual occasion. The tint of it definitely felt like a **Whisper** Hahaha. You saw what I just did there? Kbye.

As for the shade Mystic, well, judging by the name, it is more of a rosy nude that is still a very versatile shade. I personally use this more than the other because it is more of a shade that looks like you are trying to look nice but actually didn’t put any effort. (hehe)


But the comfortability and wear of this product is what really hooked me! It is very easy to wear and is basically dummy proof. You simply can’t go wrong with application! And it comes with a trusty sharpener for the product.


** All photos were taken with the Sony A6000 **

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5 thoughts on “Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil | Try-On & Review

  1. Those are pretty colors. Mystic looks really good on you. I bet whisper would look washed out on me, but it’s really nice on you. Like you i love nude lipsticks as well. I’d like to go daring with a berry color or a deep burgundy sometimes, but i can only wear them occasionally and i feel like if i wear more audacious colors like a blue or a violet, i’d draw so much attention. I wish i can wear whatever I want and not give a f*ck but I’m self- conscious though. Nude is always safe. And always pretty. It never fails. 💄💋

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      1. Hahaha. Lol! I hate that when it happens. Darker colors would do that. Do you have a preference for nudes? For me i always like the mauvey tones.


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