How To Work Efficiently From Home

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Assign hours for social media and actual work

If you are a chronic procrastinator like myself, I find it really helpful when I allocate a certain number of hours for social media scanning, surfing and actual work to keep the ball rolling as much as possible. 

Have a designated space just for working

I am a firm believer of leaving work related things at work the work place to avoid being stressed at home. Right now, I work from home, in my room to be exact. So what I do, is that I only use my desk for work related technology and bits(architectural drawings and etc.) to allow me to have a little separation of work from recreation. Yes, blogging isn’t my actual job!

Have an open/ closed door rule

I usually(always) work in my room. But since my room is right beside my brother’s, he is constantly entering my room. So I make it a rule that no one is allowed to bother me for a span of 3 hours in the afternoon to keep me in the zone. I also turn off the Wi-Fi on my mobile to avoid any Whatsapp messages and Facebook notifications.

Make a To Do list

I tend to get really forgetful when I have too much information in my head. So I prefer to write down the different tasks I want to finish for the afternoon on my notebook or on a notepad right in front of me so I don’t miss anything!

Have snacks

You can’t work on an empty stomach of course! Stay hydrated and energized! I like having some Kettle chips or homemade granola on my desk as I work.

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