Benefit High Beam Highlighter | The Review & Try-On


After my previous post about getting my glow on, link HERE. I still had the inkling to pick up the Benefit High Beam Highlighter just because I had been seeing this years before(like back in high school) in beauty counters. Plus I didn’t have a highlighter in this pink-y silver shade.

First, the packaging is weirdly convenient. It comes in an exact shape and form of a nail polish type of container. I suggest not to lather all the product on the brush for one application because a little goes a looong way. This way of packaging makes it really easy to pack, except for the fact that its glass but I am sure it is durable enough.

The actual shade of this highlighter, I find really works well with my skin tone, especially if you prefer a more silver-pink highlight instead of a more yellow toned one(try SUN BEAM if you want something in that spectrum). Okay.. Back to the main topic! I also love how the shade is very iridescent which makes it easy to wear when transitioning from day to night.


The application of this is very smooth and creamy. I like either applying some on my hand, blend it and then apply it or I just put literally 2 dots on my each of my cheek bones then blend it in a diagonal oval rotation(if you get what I mean).

I have yet to try to wear this for literally the whole day. But TBH, I am never out of the house for the whole day because I get separation anxiety with my bed(100% homebody) and I work from home. But this is definitely one of my favorite highlighters for its long lasting usability. I can imagine the wear of this in colder climates(even longer usability!)

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Concealing Redness & Dark Circles Video

No Mirror Makeup Challenge Video

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