Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | The Review


This has got to be the most pricey powder that I have in my makeup arsenal since I last got it two or so months ago. The brand Hourglass is known to many as a high end brand, that a shopping spree there can easily cost you about 200 dollars, easy. I knew choosing what my first Hourglass product would be wasn’t going to be easy peasy because they are known to have great quality(in almost everything).

Since I wanted to make my first Hourglass purchase worth the heavy pricetag, I got the most practical thing I could get, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. I chose this product because you honestly can’t own too many setting powders especially with living in a hot AF country like the Philippines. 

Starting with the packaging, I love how it still sticks with the conventional design of a compact powder but they played with the form of the actual powder that is sort of a convexed shaped top. I don’t really know if it specifically helps with the application but it sure does make the product look more posh!


I did notice that the powder is VERY finely milled that it shows off very luminescent on application. Let me make it clear, that it does not resemble to a matte powder! I feel that it illuminates my skin in a very subtle way. I was even confused at first because I thought this was a highlighter of some sort. But after some research, it is in fact a face powder.

Although the longevity of this powder does not stand taller than your typical matte face powder, it still gives a nice glow to the face that is neither too shiny, sticky or heavy. Its just the perfect amount.


So do I recommend this to you, my lovely readers? Yes, definitely, if you can afford the price tag. But if you are on a tight budget, this might not be worth your hard earned money(#BrokeGirlProblems). 

** All photos were taken with the Sony A6000 **

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6 thoughts on “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | The Review

  1. As a combo to dry-skinned gal, this is my favorite setting powder! It takes down the “tacky” feeling of my foundation and helps it stick around a bit longer, but also adds that extra bit of luminosity instead of a dry/chalky look that a lot of powders give. I’m glad you liked it too!


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