5 Best Non-Touristy Things To Do in Sydney

Sydney, Australia has been in my long time favorite cities list for awhile now. Although they are known to have beautiful beaches, gnarly waves and well, even more beautiful people, you would be glad to know that they also have plenty of history and natural sites to offer, which makes it such a great city to live in!(I wish I did) 


Go On Coastal/ Park Hikes

I know.. HIKES?? It may sound tiring at first. But speaking from experience, it is definitely worth it! Sydney has so many hikes to offer around the city and in other areas that you can easily travel to by city ferries via Circular Quay(very inexpensive). You’ll be surprised to know that Sydney has plenty to offer in terms of views and vistas.

Eat in Quaint Cafes

You would think that Europe would have the best cafes to offer, wait till you see what Sydney(and Melbourne) has in store for you! I have never seen a menu with such a diverse set of items to order. There will always be something for all types of customers, vegan, pescaterian, vegetarian and meat eaters.

Spend A Day At The Beach

Correct me if I am wrong, but most Australians are known to LOVE the sun. If they didn’t have such a high risk in skin cancer they would bask in it all day(&they still do). Be a local, grab a towel and head to a beach closest to you! Don’t forget your sunblock!


Eat At A Pub

A definition of a pub, explained by my brother, is a restaurant/bar type of establishment that usually serves classic bar food and is very family friendly during earlier hours. I especially like the classic fish and chips with tartar sauce or garlic aioli and super dry beer to treat myself.

Live In A City Suburb

Sydney’s CBD(Central Business District) is not as large as New York or Tokyo but it is in a strategic location that makes it very accessible for people coming from the city suburbs to commute to the city(Via Townhall or Central). Some of my favorite city suburbs are ones that have a certain funk or niche to it. These suburbs are like Newtown, Glebe, Chatswood, Surry Hills and Paddington. The hustle and bustle of city isn’t for everyone. 🙂

** All photos were taken with the Sony A6000 **

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