4 Things To Remind Yourself When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

Don’t be envious of other people’s success

I know it can be tough seeing other people rise ahead of you(been through that) during trying times but you just have to understand that everyone has their own rainbow. Yours will come another day. 

You’re doing alright

Pressure can sometimes play a big part in our everyday life, especially when we see others excelling more than you. But you know what? Everyone is different. Everyone is writing their own unique story. Remember you’re not doing all that bad. I always like to remember that I could be worst.

We all struggle

We are all human(duh). We all struggle from time to time or have moments of self-doubt. At tough times like these, I think its really important to remember the people we look up to or idolise to inspire us.

Long term success’ take time

If you were to ask any successful entrepreneur on how to be successful, they would tell you there is no such thing as an overnight success. Everybody goes through trials and challenges and these are what helps build a strong foundation the success that is about to come for you!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Makeup For Eyeglass Wearers Video

Chatty 5 Product Makeup Tutorial Video

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