#PERSONALBEST | Goals Till My Birthday


Coincidentally, this posting date marks six months before my birthday. So I figured that I should write a post about what I want to achieve by the time I turn 2-3.

I was actually inspired to write this post after watching one of my favorite Youtubers ever, Estee Lalonde‘s videos. What I love about her content is that she talks more than just makeup, skincare and fashion. She continues to remind us, her viewers to be THE BEST version of ourselves. This specific video has got to be one of my most favorite ones to date. #PERSONALBEST <–Please do watch!

Lets start with them goals!


I feel like this is something I have to constantly remind myself because I get so worried about how people perceive me, like “did they think I was too fat?”, “was I rude?” or “did they even care to listen to what I was saying?”. The thing is I know that these thoughts are what hinder me from JUST DOING things in general. Recently, I have been trying my best to zone out these thoughts at the back of my head. And guys, it’s WORKING!


At this time of my life, I have so many things that I want to accomplish by a certain time. I am young and the possibilities are endless. But I do keep in mind certain goals(ie, becoming an architect, finishing projects and growing my blog), so I don’t fall of track and wander off(theoretically speaking). 


Ever since I turned 22 last April, I have made it a point to start eating and living healthy. And since then I have lost over 20 pounds(slowly but surely) due to a lot discipline and exercise(it ain’t easy friends). Although I can never give up my chocolate! If you want a more specific post about this, let me know!


I am known to many as a professional homebody, and still am! But every now and then, I get this burst of spontaneity to just go out and do something new. And most of the time, I don’t regret doing it. If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll only make you stronger-Kanye West



**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Makeup For Eyeglass Wearers Video

Chatty 5 Product Makeup Tutorial Video

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