My Month in Photos | November Moments


Hey hey! December is just around the corner which only means that the festivities are slowly rolling in! The month of November was filled with so many precious moments spent with friends and family. 

It started off with Hallow’s eve, my bestie and I dressed up as Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone. We went all out with our costumes and props. It was too cute! Then my family just hit another milestone! My godson, Alonzo just turned 1! I remember the blog post I did when I mentioned that he was just born(link), time flies by too fast! Seeing him with all of his baby friends just made me so so happy!

My friends and I took a trip to the mountains to spend some quality time with my close friend from Spain and her significant other, Christian. It was night filled with irreplaceable memories and priceless moments! After that we got to surprise our dear friend, Nini on the eve of her birthday. She did not expect a thing! Phew!

And with all of that going on, I have been spinning daily and getting my crossfit workouts in at the gym. I am loving the support I am getting from my friends, family and trainers to keep on going, strong! Surround yourself with positive people!




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