How To Be Present In Your Friendships


Make one-on-one plans

Although it is always fun to meet friends in big groups or parties. But to be honest, the best time is time spent with just one other person. Crowds are good to make connections  but the real conversation lies in the engaging one on one conversations. You have different friends for different reasons, whether it be a shoulder to cry-on, a positive voice to push you further or a fun and spontaneous girlfriend. The intimate experiences are what count the most!

Send each other letters

I have been practicing this regularly when I travel, I always make it a point to send my friends postcards with meaning messages attached to it! I just love the idea of sending snail mail to a friend or a significant other. I see so much chivalry in it.

Remember important dates

Remembering birthdays is a clear requirement in every friendship. But remembering the day of their first job, the day they graduated or the day of their job promotion will strengthen your relationship. Acknowledging each other’s milestones is one, celebrating it is another.


Kick jealousy out the door

Being a yuppie(young professional), struggling to make our mark in the world; seeing others be successful in their field can get a little disheartening, especially when you are busting your ass but getting nothing out of it. Always offer your genuine excitement and support, so when the tables are turned, your friend will be there for you.

Constantly stay in touch

Staying in touch with your best friends can be tough, even with a 50 hour work week. But it is always important to reach out and let your friends know that you are thinking about them. Scheduling dinner dates or quick lunch break catch ups are great pick me ups during the work week. As for long distance friendships, planning skype or facetime dates are always a great option(oh technology!). 

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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