Powering Through 2017! | Stop Thinking, Start Living & What Is To Come


Don’t we all make plans for future in our heads but never actually pull through in the end?Yeah, I am sure we all went through that. 

Are you a day dreamer? Or are you a thinker? At a young age we were already taught to use our own minds to imagine our own future. Although sometimes we imagine a sensibility of control, and not seeing the possibilities that may come out of your situation. 

Find out what is true for you. Are you doing something what you truly love or are you just trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of you? When you find something that you are truly passionate about will always make you feel lighter. 

Stop judging people if you don’t want them to judge you. This was my mantra for 2016 and still is for this year because everyone is trying to find their path and they might have different ways of reaching it, but who cares? Focus on yourself and don’t worry about the rest of those people.

Make every corner of your life an interesting point of view. Bored with your 9-5 job? Find ways to make that boring routinely life more interesting. Discover an after work hobby or a wellness routine you could pick up. Stop thinking of what you don’t have and start seeing what you can do with what you already have.

Think good thoughts. Throw negativity out the door and start doing you(figuratively!). Don’t waste your time on thoughts that’ll only slow down your growth. 

What is to come?

This year, I will be working as a junior architect in an architectural firm in my hometown while I prepare to take my board exams in 2018. I intend to continue reviewing products and writing on this little space of mine. But I hope you understand that (actual) work will always come first. 

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Makeup For Eyeglass Wearers Video

Chatty 5 Product Makeup Tutorial Video

Email me at beaandbeautyy@gmail.com or Lets talk on Instagram @beaandbeauty




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